Anyone know or have samples from Biggies “Notorious Thugs”?


Hey im new here. I make beats and like to remake beats as a hobby. Im trying to remake the classic Notorious Thugs by Biggie and Bone (its my favorite song of all time) pretty good at remaking beats I just have a hard time finding the right sounds. Never thought of trying a board like this. Anything would help...espeacially the drum samples. I taught myself everything so I only know so much about this stuff...hoping someone can teach me something and point me in the right direction. Either having the samples, or even knowing about where to find them and advice on how to look for such things.

Thank you to anyone that can help
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The only credited sample on that track is Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M., although it must be pretty obscure. That's pretty much an original composition, not really a sampled beat. I'll ask about it for you, but Bizzy and Layzie told me it was one of Puffy's guys who did the beat, so I don't know how much help I can be on that one.

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