Anyone know where to find that Three 6 mafia Harp that they used "Doe Boy Fresh" and other songs?


This specific harp that DJ Paul and Juicy J have used on several tracks from primarily in 2005 and up to the year 2007:

GLC ft. Three 6 Mafia - Clap Your Hands - GLC ft. Three 6 Mafia - Clap Your Hand - YouTube
Three 6 Mafia ft Chamillionaire - Doe Boy Fresh - Doe Boy Fresh (Explicit) - YouTube
Frayser Boy - Stay Focused - Stay Focused - YouTube
Frayser Boy - Knocked The F*ck Out - Frayser Boy - Get Knocked Da Fuck Out - YouTube
Chrome - Bussem up - Chrome - Bussem' Up (Dirty) (Full Version) - YouTube
Project Pat ft. Beanie Sigel - Purple
Chrome - Money For Crack

Does anyone know where this harp sound can be found? I have nexus 2, omnisphere 2, keyscape, purity, miroslav philharmonik, komplete, edirol orchestral, soundfonts, three 6 mafia sound kits, spent hundreds of dollars on VST's and I STILL cannot find this specific harp. I'm not sure if its from Roland (I've read forums that detail how Paul and Juicy have used Roland XV's, JV's etc that may have this harp) or some VST or something but its dope and i've been searching for it for about a decade, no joke. Can someone please let me know where I can find this (and if maybe theres a VST i can get it from).


~Mo Thugs~
Sounds very Roland JV-ish... I have an expanded Roland XP-60 that I'll never get rid of because the sound of that thing is amazing.

illmuzik on youtube

ill resources