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sorry about the newbie question but whats the diffrence between the asr-10 and the eps-16+ cuz when i go to ebay the asr is like 600 to 100 dollars but the highest i seen an eps-16+ go for was 500, i thought they were the same but with diffrent names. please enlightin me.

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-The ASR10 can be expanded to 16mb.
-The EPS16+ can be expanded to 2mb.

Minimum: 7 khz @ 16 bits
Maximum: ??? khz @ 16 bits

Minimum: 29.8kHz 16 bits
Maximum: 44.1kHz 16 bits

-ASR10 got timestretch
-I dont think EPS16+ does.

-New ASR10's have dot-matrix screen design so you can tell a 5 from an S.
-EPS16+'s screen is pretty shitty.


I think theres more to it, but im not sure of the rest.