Attack of the Beats! - Battle #166


Im front
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Ahhhhh the starting beat again...
The classic Alright Alright Alright
@BlancoBeats this is a hard beat
Congratulations @DEEZ BEATZ lol
Yup, i was right, surrendered at the intro of deez :D he's got the recipe for making dope

Btw Thanks for the feedback fade
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@Fade , thanks for the feedback bruh...the key to making the 808 or 909 bass drum sound really good? you guys have to start using that eq or mixing board...Example: when i lay down my have to focus on keys, brass and atmospheric sounds i pan them to the right...all drums such as Bass Drums, kicks, and bass lines and snares should stay centered.. hi-hats, and other small percussions like bells and wood blocks..etc should pan left...vocal samples or any samples should stay centered...your volume for each sound should be -05 or -06 should control your mix volume with the master volume..but i know everybody uses different systems in making your keys to winning contests are dope intros, good mixing and editing and balance....i have developed this method and it has brought me success not only here on illmuzik..but other places as well...and my beats sales have increased by 10%...Well Fade, that's some of my secrets...share this if you like with everybody...hope it helps


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@DEEZ BEATZ Thanks for sharing those tips!

@ArvinArmani It's good to hear that you were missing the show. I put it on hold for a bit, I just had too much shit going on but thing are getting a bit better.

It's funny, I was going to change the intro a while back but decided to keep it. It's a beat I did back in 2009 I think. To me at this point it's THE theme for AOTB. I think "alright alright alright" was probably inspired from Dazed and Confused (not sure if you can get on Youtube):


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