Attack of the Beats! - Battle #171


thank you @Fade for that great feedback...that sound you're mentioning is actually a stand up bass plug...but yeah i feel you on the piano part..i'm trying to get the whole lo-fi sound down pact and sometimes certain sounds can be overbearing in stereo when you do it in lo-fi...but i'm still learning...thank you for your honesty

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Episode #171!

  • BeatMaker80 - "The Unknown"
  • DEEZ BEATZ - "Kush Street"
  • oninkaf - "Love Me Tomorrow"
  • Primz - "React"
  • ThE_SiRe_BeAtS - "A Belgian"
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Thanx bro, You right about the volume levels, its a bad habit i picked up when my beats used to be so low and kinda decided to rather make them loud without distortion. Keeping it just below the red. Will try and see if i can bring it down a bit so it doesn't sound so loud. :)


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Appreciate the feed homie, I feel you on the flute, but as far as the piano I wasn't looking for that natural piano sound, the actual one-shot is a natural piano sound but I gave it a little overdrive tweek and put a Bandpass Filter to make it sound that way, I always try to create a different sound from a sound, I use natural sounds also just didn't seem like it would sound right to me on this beat.


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Yooo fade OMG! it was the wrong version of that beat! I had 2 versions... this one was a raw unfinished beat! Totaly unmasterd This one.. i had a second one that sounded better and had a different beginning..damnnnn im sorry!! Up to the next attack..


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@DEEZ BEATZ No problem man. That's a very good point you made though about the lo-fi stuff and how it can muffle a lot of the mix. Usually I just EQ bunch of stuff in those situations but even then it can be pain!

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