Attack of the Beats! - Battle #177


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thanks for the feed @Fade
so actually that was three different samples of guitars, I rarely make midis myself because it eats up my cpu. (And I can't' play for sh*t :D)
Never had a good ear for exact keys always went with what kinda sounds good to me. I rely on my daw to tell me what the key is of a certain sample which in this case they were all supposedly the same. any way will work on that and congrats to @DeeJay Ngwazi for the win, well deserved. till next time!


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I use FL studio and it has a built-in plugin called edison with which you can determine the key of a sample. it probably was in the key it said (i think it was F) but it just didn't sound good with the rest of the beat. I usually build basslines around the samples, so they were in the same key just didn't work together in this case. or maybe my ears are just getting old I guess. Pushed 30 this year :biggrin:


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30! Man I wish.

Yeah it could be that, sometimes I get that too with a sample and a VST but they're not really the same key even though it says.


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Yo @Fade bro.. u said my beat would sound better with lyrics on it.... guess what... it DOES haha!! I've mixed it with a portuguese rapper called sam the kid (favourite artist from a friend of mine who's portuguese also) sounds dope! Here it is......


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@oninkaf thanks fam!! i've been away!! AFRICA is facing high number of that Thin" Buh the music is what we have to keep us sane... anyway Thanks to @Fade for the review!! I finally #Won a Battle #Here's to the South of Africa... How many South African battle winners do we have here? or anyone battling from the motherland!!? #StaySafe #AOTB

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