Attack of the Beats! - Battle #188


The Kid
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I'm honored. especially to win against such a atmospheric beat by @Cyents and that smooth smooth smooth one by @Mistersin . that shit got me in the feels man. *pun intended*

btw @ghosty_beats_ I told you your kick/basses are too much. like 13 times. you should've used that in the halloween one btw. dumbass... :D

Iron Keys

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Battle Points: 27
1stly... is that how @Cyents is pronounced/meant... like "Science"? and I'm only just discovering this? ha

Really liked Cyents beat... I liked the sound/mix personally, only thing for me I didn't like the high piano notes panned differently. And the Snare sounded a bit to-the-left? Dunno if that's just my listening situ or..?

@Mistersin beat fucking illl man, wish I could make those kinda sample beats!

@ghosty_beats_ that melody was cooool, drums weren't too distorted imho... but that kick was wayyyy fuckin' loud my guy, thought someone was kicking my wall in! haha.

Well done, Arvin young buddy! Tasty sample vibes.

Soz, Fade for minireview vibes, I originally came to say about 'cyents' meaning/pronunc haha

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