Bass samples


Hi guys.

Am new to the forum. From New Zealand. Make my own beats and also rap. Will be having a few projects on the way in the next year or so. Here's a sample of the something I made recently. Old school, dark boombap with psychedelic influences. Will also be doing some more jazzy/soulful stuff too. [

Have been extracting basslines from a lot of vinyl and could make up a sample pack if anyone is keen. Won't be charging an astronomical price. Was wondering how many here would be keen. Will send some samples of how the basslines sound later. These will all be SAMPLE based basslines from soul/jazz/psych records. No weak synthetic sounds just clean samples.
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where did you get the drums for that ? sorry i cant help a lot here.
The drums are from samples I've collected over time. Most are from well-known breaks and am also building up a collection of more obscure drum loops. There's also some drum sounds left from the original sample that the new ones are layered over.

illmuzik on youtube

ill resources