Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #107

Who has the best beat?

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Who has the best beat? Vote in the poll above.

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Alright, alright, alriiight.....

Beat #1 - this shit is crazy LOL!! Definitely feeliin the organ.. Not a fan of 808's these days, but its dope nonetheless..
Beat #2 - this is dope as well.. Im diggin the drum pattern, but the snare is waaayy too low.. Still cool though..
Beat #3 - this shit right here?! Ridiculous.. "doo Dooo dooo dooo Dooo Doo dooo!" LOL! Yeah, this screams Conway, Benny and Westside.. I love the sample.. Im diggin the drums - nice and simple.. No "real" bassline, but then again, you dont ALWAYS need to have a bassline (listen to some DJ Premier tracks and you'll see what Im talkin about)

Overall - this is a dope battle...
My vote has been cast.....:micdrop:

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