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Who has the best beat?

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Sweaty beats
*** illest o.g. ***
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Who has the best beat? Vote in the poll above.

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Beat 2... cuz it's just grimey as hell... took beat 1 and beat 3 lunch money...


Boom Bap Bully
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Well damn... Ok...

Beat #1 - this was cool.. Ive also used that vocal sample in the beginning, so Im definitely diggin that.. Mix sounds good too.. I like the use of the vox chops from movies as well.. Good shit..
Beat #2 - Good lord.. This shit is bananas.. Love the drum break because Im just an old school head who remembers chopping breaks.. Still do sometimes LOL.. Love how theres a distant pad sound on top of the nasty bass notes.. Good job.. Also the laughs sprinkled everywhere was a very nice touch.. Good shit overall..
Beat #3 - This was interesting.. I like the light pads, bells, and that distant string in the background.. Kick drum could be a little harder - maybe throw a deeper bodied kick under the one used, which has a good mid range crunch to it - just to fill it out.. Overall, this was cool..

Salute to all 3 of you guys who entered.. This was nice..
My vote has been cast.....:micdrop:

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