Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #49

Who has the best beat?

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I'm just a shook one
Battle Points: 90
Beat #1 contains Santoor i think , santoor is a Iranian instrument, it's a good beat but the vibe is cliche
Beat #2 is the weakest beat of this competition in my opinion, sorry, maybe the problem is my standards but i can't imagine Anything being rapped on it other than meaningless mumble rap.
Beat #3 has a more unique vibe than all other beats, it's kinda the new Funkadelic!


Paying My Dues With I O U's
Battle Points: 82
Yo I'm Gonna Be Brief
Beat #1 - Nice But I've heard This Epic trap Vibe So Much It's Very stock Beat Sounding
Beat #2 - A Bit Too Sleepy For My Taste Not to say That There Isn't A Market For That Cloud Groove Stuff
Beat #3 - Feeling It but Sounded A Wee bit messy Nice Groove Though
Hope You Take These As Constructive Rather Than Digs I Always Try To Be As Honest As I Can Keep grinding


Battle Points: 21
Beat 1: Decent arabic scale melody but extremely booooring and repetitive and needs certain frequencies edited out. some thigs too loud

Beat 2: No intro??? just drops in? not good. reptitive as all hell, but... the sounds are crisp. Background sounds are cool. basic ass melodies

Beat 3: Bruh. doesnt sound original in any way. sounds sampled
Battle Points: 30
All I want to say is that beat #3 must be at least 99% sampled, sounds too good to be home made.