Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #50

Who has the best beat?

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Battle Points: 51
beat1: nice sample choices here, can definitely hear Kendrick Lamar rap over this
beat2: this is the dopest of all! can hear some Kanye west influence here, definitely fire and the mix is on point
beat3: i really don't like those gunshots, sounds too corny for me, the mix is very well made
Battle Points: 30
Wow these beats are dirty bombs. Wasn't easy to cast my vote but I went for number 3. SOOOOO MUUUUCH ENERGYYY!!


Producer Elite... Nuff said
Battle Points: 158
Beat #3 has a lot of energy
Beat #2 doesn't sound good
Beat #1 reminds me of music, that gets my vote

Kron Zilla

The rapper that became a producer.
Battle Points: 16
Beat #1: the sample was kinda odd for my personal taste but I do like where you were taking it.
Beat #2: As a rapper/producer, this was a total vibe but I feel more of soundscape than song material
Beat #3: This track has a total club knock but we can't be popping those shots in the club, Plaxico lol... but I enjoyed this one the most overall. It has that EDM crossover vibe too....nice


Paying My Dues With I O U's
Battle Points: 146
Beat # 1 Liked The Vocals Worked For Me Felt A Bit Empty Though
Beat # 2 Yes Brah I Really Like Dark Waves Of Synthesis And Love The Tease On The String Sort Of Like A Coax Nice Beat Pal
Beat # 3 Banging ,Lively N All That Just Add Ecstasy Not A Hood Anthem Though So I'd Drop The Biz Keeet Shots

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