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Obash Composer.
Battle Points: 63
Damn beat #1 is dope, if beat #3 is beating it, taht must be Really dope

Beat #2 was hopeless at start, it got really better when chords and sample came in

Beat #3 is not what id preffer... at all

Nice battle


Sample heavy? Just a little bit.
Battle Points: 133
Whoo! # 3 is really dope!. That break at the end. I'm a sucker for drum breaks. # 1 was coo, I deadass thought it was my beat for a sec. Salute to all three contestants. 100.


New to the site
Battle Points: 2
Beat1-seems like more could have been done with the sample during that breakdown section. The other sections are very repetitive with that same little melody playing. The string sounds come in and give it a different focus, but only for a minute.

Beat2-drums and sound effects... so this just a collection of gathered sounds? This was made with only a drum sequencer... ??filter applied to whole track for a second, drums are really simple, so not grabbing my attention.

Beat3-Cool, sounds all go good together. Nice interplay between them, keeping it mixed up. Toss that vocal cut, That wasn't necessary at all. Beat comes back in after with a little bass drop. Continues with the previous recipe. Oh, here is a little switch up with drums, little more dusty sounding, that was cool. The vocal chops still can go away. Overall, not bad.

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