Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #63

Who has the best beat?

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Slice & Dice
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Who has the best beat? Vote in the poll above.

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Beat 3 is perfect for a freestyle. Although a bit mono-tone since there's not a lot of mix-up. Still got my vote though!
Beat 1 got some avant-garde going on, i like the orginality!
Beat 2 is dope, it needs more power though. The sounds aren't really popping, which is exactly what it needs!

Props to all 3 producers, this battle was fun to listen to!


Battle Points: 17
Beat 1 was a little too slow for me. It felt like it was dragging on a bit.

It would have been closer between 2 and 3 for me if beat 2 was mixed a bit differently because I loved the feel and the originality. I felt like It needed more power

But beat 3... That shits HOT FIYAHHHHH!!!! Send that to Meek Mill ASAP! Lmaooo
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