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Battle Points: 30
Good beats allround, my vote will go to beat #1 - love the mysterious vibe it portrays.
Now I know this is not the feedback section, but I really enjoyed these beats and can't help myself so here we go bois:

Beat #1 -
Maybe the beat would sound a bit smoother if the frequency between 200hz-1000hz somewhere would be lowered a bit (can't put my finger on the sound that needs it, try cutting the frequency of the leads in that range). It sounds a bit resonating to me, maybe compensate by raising the frequencies in the other ranges or just turn up the (pre) gain slightly.
You did a great job on the melody, I'm loving the out of rythm notes, they really add character to the beat.

Beat #2 -
To me it feels like the track is missing something. The drums are popping, nothing wrong with them. It just sounds like there is alot of room left around the drums that could be used to give the track a bit more OOF. Maybe turning up the sampled(?) lead sounds in amplitude and/or certain frequencies could make the beat sound a bit more powerful.
Good job on the bass guitar, it sound really good with the kick!

Beat #3 -
It sounds like the drums have been cut on the higher frequencies slightly, the beat might sound better if you would boost the high frequencies on the drums and turn up the snare a bit.
I'm loving the sample you used, great choice!

Hope this finds you well, remember this is just my perspective, I might have completely missed the intention of your music.
gg bois


Battle Points: 4
beat two is oldschool. Oldschool needs to come back hard. Beat 3 was cool two. good job to all 3 but 2 is my vote. Thanks to all!

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