Beat This! - April 10-11, 2019

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Its a fucking conspiracy!
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@Memento Beats

Thats interesting.What is for you an european beat? Maybe it was mine lol.
I like it when beats are influenced by the background and culture of producers.
"There is nothing new under the sun"
We are all the result of our own unique influences that we have amalgamated into our own "style".
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Nice beat DEEZ BEATZ, it took me a while to decide who to vote for. I'm glad my vote got you on top :p:D Congrats bro, good work.

I think many of you did fine work, keep grinding guys, spread fire, enjoy it and stay blessed. :up2::biggrin::up2:

Memento Beats

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@44Beatzz Haaa... yeea that's me... lookin neRvOuS AF !! Not gonna lie... I totally was. Plus tired as hell, was a longgg 2 nights of standing around waiting. That's a rough battle for a Boom Bapper , was only like a few of us.... against the trap world ..LoL. Was a lot of fun tho., super happy/grateful to be in it., great experience ... definitely worth it. Goin for it again this year....
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LOL yeah @KAMBOSLICE you look all serious! I didn't know you were in Oakville, that's cool. How was it battling live? Was it held in T.O.?

And it must be tough like you said having a Boom Bap beat going up against all the Trap stuff. The problem I have with live stuff like this is the crowd reaction, which the judges check for too. So it could be biased. But looking at that crowd, they look dead AF!


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YO @Fade ... Lol.. yea bro I wasn't Yea that vid is from the pre -lims at Revival Bar dwntwn T.O. then the finals were at the Opera House the next day.... live was really dope actually,, besides all the waiting around n shit... it could have been organized better. Was dope to hear my beats on a big sound system tho... even tho TBH when I was on stage it was all like a quick blurr... I get real awkward socially as it is...... so on stage in front of a crowd ?!?! And plus I dont usually play my beats for a lot of people... And plus a heavy Trap crowd too ??!! . so it was EXTREMELY out of my comfort zone ! But it felt damn fn good after..!.. You gotta put your shit out there... you never know !!
And yea ... LOL.. I was behind enemy lines bro.... Trap city for real !! lol I knew that going in tho... was surprised I even got in ... being such a trap event. But fuck it.... had to rep u kno. And don't get it twisted.. i'm not hatin on trap, just not my style.... I made some new homies there both trap dudes and real HipHoppers ... so it was overall a really dope experience. And yeah the crowd does look dead AF . It was quiet , but not as quiet as it looks in the video.... I think they did something with the audio to make the beats louder and crowd noise less,,,, cuz sometimes you can see people yelling. but you can't hear them..... they definitely weren't cheering for me tho You should check out my homeboy LRYBRDBTZ at 3:15... you should like that beat. Was my fav of the whole battle.... a Billy Paul flip.... see if you can recognize whos used that sample... he should've won that round...... in my opinion. Peace bro


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@KAMBOSLICE Damn... 3:15 was my favorite beat.Nice to see others have the same taste....You did a great job too.. really happy people like you holding the torch for our type of hiphop.Thanks....But its really full of trap since 2011 and they need many month.. to upload it. Like Trixx once said : Where are the beats?! (boom bap)
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