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Beat This! Competition Rules

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    Rules for competing:
    1. In each competition, there will be a "theme". Check the main thread for info on what the current theme is.
    2. Only registered members can compete.
    3. Only single competitors can compete, unless otherwise specified (like a theme for teams).
    4. The beats will be voted on by all members.
    5. The maximum amount of contestants is 20 (unless otherwise specified).
    6. Your beat will be hosted on IllMuzik.
    7. Your beat MUST NOT be longer than 2 minutes, unless otherwise specified. That's plenty of time to show your skills. It must be an instrumental (occasional vocal snippets are OK), and you can only submit 1 beat.
    8. Your beat will be posted in MP3 format.
    9. The winner of each competition will receive a custom title underneath their name in the Forums.

    If you're planning on entering, start preparing your beat now, and make sure it meets the requirements specified in the rules section. Please post any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have regarding this upcoming competition in this section.
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