Beat This! - March 28-29, 2018

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Kron Zilla

The rapper that became a producer.
Battle Points: 14
Just voted. Y'all stepped it up since the last beat this battle. Way more variety within styles of production. Good job and good luck to everybody.
Warzone Beat Battle


God made me and I making music
Battle Points: 16
Hi !!! :-]
To begin with I want to thank to everyone individually who voted on my track in this competition like in competitions before. Second word is to FADE who's doing, great job with - it is always necessary to say it when somebody is doing excellent and hard work! And at least i lost, so i should I should smell the taste of the bitterness (and yes i feel) but it is pleasure to lose with such a wonderful competitors. What can i say more, a competition is a competition and tastes are tastes. Thanks, and see You in next battles :-D
All the bests and God bless to You all.
P.S. Perhaps we should do the battle online in the real time? Everyone will get some samples from and for example 10 minutes(or less) for making bit from them? Real war of bits? What are you thinking about it?


I don't even know
Battle Points: 43
Really good competition (as always) in this one and I feel humbled that my beat was dope enough to pull the win. Thanks to everyone that voted, feels good to finally win one here xD

Kron Zilla

The rapper that became a producer.
Battle Points: 14
Shoutout to everybody that competed. Shoutout to @Rodas for coming away with the win...a special Shoutout to everyone who voted for me...I be tryna do some unique shit and I appreciate the recognition... I love the competition even when I time tho...
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