Bee Gees - "Stayin' Alive"


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This sounds like fun! Don't have time rn but I'm on the next one! @S3oulC1ty your beat is fire man!!!i never would have thought to flip it like that!!!really creative!


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I like how you put the vocals on the track its a pretty clean mix also good job
of course leave it to wyclef to sample some funky shit

only bits and pieces of the track I could really hear in my head, so I jus used the long notes for the foundation
I Think the percussion dont really fit the mood i love the filters you used and the bassline is also realy good, Overall a straight banger

It has been a long time, was mostly busy doing other projects..
Amazing i think my favorite, but i cant hear the sample is it in??

Here is mine
I programmed the whole thing i didnt really play anything but i think it came out good enough...


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@TRIK, yeah the sample is really in and i wanted to make it less noticeable, and also spice it up with a whistle thing, that was the only thing i added...i love ur drums, it came out nice and @S3oulC1ty, yeah like ur bass line and music sounds good, but a lil bit of work for the drums could have made it better..


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I like how you put the vocals on the track its a pretty clean mix also good job
@TriKRaps I did not create the beat/song... I just remember that song from back when I was a kid, and it uses the same sample, and I actually bought that album b/c of the song! lol It may be a lil before your time though... 1997

Mine will be coming soon...

illmuzik on youtube

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