Hello everybody :D

I would like to ask you for help when it comes brass sounds.

Honestly speaking, I'm literally running out of brass sounds and I would like somebody recommend me either some good sample libraries, vsts or expansions with brass sounds.

I plan to buy Serum soon and I know that there are lots of great brass sounds but for now I'm using mainly Nexus.

Any help appreciated.

Peace :D
This is the future of realistic strings and brass This tech is amazing. Also do you have any Native Instrument products? You could get upgrade pricing for this
Unfortunately, I do not have any Native Instruments products :/ I would like to buy Kontakt but all of those plugins are quite expensive :p Anyway, thank you for recommendations :D This SWAM Solo Brass also looks good.


If @Memento Beats you are on IG hit up @real_trumpet_sample_kit he is "mattgiella" on Reddit and hit up @john_culbreth on IG he is "only1manband" on Reddit and they both have high quality brass samples as they are trumpeters.
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