Can anybody recommend a good pair of flat frequency response headphones for mixing?


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There's so many models out there, your best bet is to check reviews. The 7506's I bought in '98 and they lasted me for 20 years! I just got a new pair last year. Many times I've noticed that model in videos of someone in a recording studio so I guess they're an industry standard. Are you getting them online or in store?


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Those 7506's are workhorses, they last forever.

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You had to be different eh? I guess they're the updated version?
Yeah, updated, better freq response, not that my old ears can hear upto 40khz, but they go down to 4 hz, like 4 hz can be heard either hahahaha. Slap bang in the price range I was going for. But yeah, they are sonically better than the 7506. Or so what Ive seen so far says.