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So far the Beat It Up battles have been going well, however they're not anonymous like our other battles. This is about to change!

From now on, the battles will be the same BUT the names won't be displayed in the poll. It also won't be in the audio file that I upload for each battle. You will hear "beat number one", etc...

The three contestants will be Beat #1, Beat #2, Beat #3.

Once each battle is finished, only then will I reveal the names.
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His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert P
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Its a fair rule but we should've had at least 1 unanonimous battle, we cand have the poll on youtube so its alright.
I'll miss the robot though lol
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Think what's also important to note (but it might be so obvious it wasn't noted) is that people shouldn't use signature sounds. For example I like to put a glass bottle rolling on the floor sound at the start of my tracks. This can range from a certain sound to a dude yelling your name.
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