Chris de Burgh - "A Spaceman Came Travelling"


peace. been havin lots of comp trouble lately. i know i;m late as all hell, but wanted to throw it up anyways.

@S3oulC1ty nice flip bro. couldn't wait for the drums to drop. nice chops
@LbrT nice one bro. nothing to say here. nice
@Klypse cool. nice blend
@Edgar like the way you slowed that down. drums hit nice too
@SVNTY6 drums hit. good mix
@crog85 that shit is dope bro. def knocks.

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So I produce progressive house mainly, but Im a big hip hop fan from forever, so decided on the side I'd try producing it and what better way to practice sampling within hip hop than following these threads All the beats in here are drop as. Here is my first attempt that I put together quickly.

Also have no idea what name I will use as I use Jordan Clayton/JClayton for my progressive music


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