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Sometimes it's cheaper to get sued than it is to clear the sample. Depends on the situation though. Dre did this often.
I heard that Dre hears something he likes and wants to use it, he gets a band/musician into his studio to re-play the same thing, but change it slightly. How true this is, I don't know, because I can't find any examples..

Getting samples cleared can be very time consuming, and often people will just say "no" (if you're trying to sample a classic Jazz song about love for your song about F'ing Hookers, for example, the current copyright owner may say no to protect the integrity of the song) if you just do it anyway then settle it in court, at least the song is out there.

$10,000 is extremely low, though...maybe it was a $10,000 fine plus royalties? That would make sense.