Daniele Patucchi - "Legamento N. 43"



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Aight, I figure I'll post my flip. I'll be double posting it, as I also flipped the sample from the Reet Hendrikson post on this track as well. It's still pretty raw and not fully mixed, and just looped out for right now, but you get the picture. I plan on using this on a project, and I generally don't sequence the beat until there's vocals laid down, and then I can structure the instrumental around the vocals... just my workflow. This is also done with the custom drum and bass kit I posted for download in the Digging & Samples section, so be sure to download that and check it out. It's free, nothing to lose there. Let me know what you think, and thanks for checking it out.



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Interesting @Bino5150 how you combined the two samples together, but it sounds out of tune...try tuning the sample from the Reet Hendrikson, or scrap it, come up with something else, or if out of tune, weirdy, abstract is your idea with this, leave it as it is...Drums are banging hard as fuck, dope samples... I'm using them already...Thanks again.

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