Difference Between A Music Producer & A Beat Maker


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I’m still ‘noob’ status, and learning my way around, but I’m pretty sure this is the spot I’m looking for to post this...
I came across this warm thread, in my travels, and thought it might be of some interest, on this forum. What caught my eye, at first, was the author’s name; thought he might fit in, here. Come to find out, upon reading his editorial, I agree with the man. Now, I’m a ‘noob,’ like I said, so I feel my opinion on the matter doesn’t hold much water, especially after watching my baby bro spin dive bars and rainy festivals, with his own gear, for the last few years. There’s a lot to be said about coming up Classic; beat matching by ear with only 10 bpm of wiggle room, buying needles like cartons of cigarettes, sticker que’ing your vinyl... How can NOT having that skill set make you better and more capable to produce? For a long time, it was practically a requirement. With today’s tech., however, and a heathy interest, one can skip past a lot of the ‘dirt’ many in the industry had no choice but to do.
In the discussions I’ve been part of, on this subject, it always seems to come down to this; a ‘music producer’ has some type of official credentials. A degree in Music Theory/Appreciation or a specific instrument(s), followed by employment at a label/production house/studio. Or, came up ‘hard-knock,’ (bedroom to local to underground to... etc.), paying their dues the old-fashioned way, giving them the clout to have ‘final cut,’ oversee creative development, etc. While the more modern description ‘Beat-maker’ implies someone who has ‘the ear’ on the hot sound, cuts the ‘meat & potatoes’ portion of a song, sells/licenses it, and is on to the next... Catch-and-release style. No care or credit.
In my opinion (the one not holding much water), the people debating these labels are simply asking the wrong question; beat makers and producers are family, both pursuing the same end; a bomb track. They are together, often interchangeable, yet not the same, because in a lot of cases, both were needed to reach the end game. The real question I think the slightly confused, label-conscious MEAN to be asking is what’s the difference between a ‘Music Producer’ and a ‘Record Producer,’ which I’m certain doesn’t require a written answer here, from the ‘noob.’ Anyway, wherever I brought this editorial up, it seemed to spark a healthy debate. So, here it is:



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the difference between a beat maker and a producer in the world we live in now is that a producer makes finished songs, sees the process through from beginning to end, controlling the production process. A beatmaker makes beats.
You can be one man in your bedroom studio, and still be a producer. As long as you have the equipment/environment to record and make the music, you can be a producer. With daws, software mixers and plugins nowadays, literally anybody can be a producer.
Being a good producer is the hard part.

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