Do you still buy recording magazines?


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With all the information online nowadays, I don't see how some of these magazines are still alive. But it's still good to see they're around because they have lots of useful information. I can still remember subscribing to Recording magazine in the early 90's! I might get back into it.



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I browse thru them at the book store but buying, No. I do however from time to time go thru the old Scratch magazines from years back. I still have all those as if there going be worth some money LOL...


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I don't really read magazines, period. Sound on Sound was my holy grail, but you can just read that shit online. Plus, you have forums where you can learn the latest shit from producers in the studio, like IllMuzik, Gearslutz, etc., and you get all your answers questioned for you.

On a side note, I remember when The Source was as thick as a book. I know it's not electronic music related, but I used to buy that shit whenever it came out. Now, all these magazines, like XXL are thin as fuck. Nobody reads shit on paper anymore.

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