Reviews Dogztrumentals Vol. 4 Showcases Head Nodders


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I recently got a heads up about an underground Hip Hop project from Germany called "Dogztrumentals Vol. 4". What it consists of is ten beat makers that each contribute two beats each, giving this compilation a total of twenty tracks to nod your head to.

What's great is they all have their own styles but the beats all seem to be somewhat similar as well. The vibe from these beats is really dope. Some are a bit dark (and evil) but overall the beats are on point and are just straight up Hip Hop.

I was put on to this project by LitmanOne, who is listed on here with tracks #15 and #16. On "Midnight Crossroad" it's the smoothness that stands out. The drums are tight and bright but also blend in well with the other instruments. And of course, the horn on it is a nice addition.

The other track he did, "Sunday Morning" has a nice deep low-end from what sounds like a violin. I expected the kick to hit harder but I get what he's doing with it, from the snare panned hard right and the kick just complementing the bass. Dope.

Overall I think it's something everyone should check out. You can buy the digital version, but what's great is there's also a very limited run of cassettes available. It's great to see other mediums coming into play once again.


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