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Wuz up illmuzik? I'm mainly into R&B and Acid jazz and all that but Hip-hop was my TRUE love for a loong time. I still love the creative stuff and the straight gangsta tracks. Now there are 50,000,000 MCs and 50,000,001 producers, including me, and it's crowded as hell out here.

Any 12 year old kid with a keyboard can sell beats and might even blow up! That's tight! I'm not one of those kids though. I'm in it to sell popular music so at some point I can boost my income so I can get away from my 9-5 and make the kind of art I really want to make. The kind that challenges your senses or perfectly captures a mood just like a painting would. That just takes way too damn long for me. With work and two kids, it's hard to find that kind of time.

Anyway I joined the site to post some tracks and get feedback. Since I have to post 40 messages in order to enter the next contest, I'll save the rest of my life story for later.


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Wassup, welcome to IllMuzik. It's all fam up in here, you can check out the Showcase for posting your stuff.

I feel you on the topic that anyone can blow up, it's crazy nowadays. But as long as we all just stick to what we love doing, that's when we'll all feel satisfied with our work.


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Wassup homie.Welcome to IllMuzik,the best place for information about almost anything.


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Originally posted by bigdmakintrax
Hook WHats up man THIS IS D.....good to see you on here....This is one of the otha Producers in The DC Metro blowing up thangs....there's plenty of Knowledge, files and good all out debates on here!
Wuz up witcha D? I replied to ur PM but ur box is full. What u up too?

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