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are there any tips you guys would give ya' boy on eqing vinyl samples to make them sound more clear and robust on your tracks? one


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Depends on the sample, and what you're trying to accentuate.
Normally on a rhythm guitar I would cut the lows, and bring up the mids,
For a lot of other samples, just listen to the vinyl on a good quality system, and eq til it sounds hot.

A lot of older records need a big low end boost to have the same dynamic level of modern music.
For example, if I'm playing vinyl in a club, and I have a 12" single from 1988, usually the bass is cool, I don't need to boost.

However if I'm playing something from the 60's or 70's, I almost always need to boost up the bass 80%.

Final advice - use your ears, make it sound hot, ain't no magical formula, and besides, be original. RZA eq'd his samples completely different from everyone else, that's part of what gave him his trademark sound (which is something all of us should be going for, it's kind of the holy grail of production). Once you got that trademark sound, then you can flip it and piss of your loyal fans LOL.


the one part is to take some good parametric eq, configure a Q and run through all spectre.
betta if u have spectral analyzer, there u can see what is clicking or shitting ur sound, notice that and remove it...
other part - you can use denoiser, declicker software - go google some
but usually that clicking noise gives a warm old school sound to ya record...
i mean lots of cats tryin to emulate that sound and u trina cut it out...


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