Everett Haughton - "Althea"

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Paying My Dues With I O U's
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Persistence Was The Key With This One !!!!
Made The Drums Out Of Some Military Drum Loop (Reverb,EQ,Comp)
Bass Is Another Chop Fed Into A Sampler ( Filtered,Saturated )
Cut Out A Few Notes Made A Few Loops With Them (EQ, Filtered)
The Piano Notes I Cut Out Got Fed To A Sampler (Phaser Delay Pan)
Mixed It
Then Tweaked It
Named It
Uploaded It
Typed This Out


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@C4NTK33P5T1L it was a lil bit harder but i knew adding extra elements will make it work,urs was dope u really made it
@Dez-NYCe i really love the way u used the sample dhope....


Back to the Grind...
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Thought I'd make it before the next flip was posted... :( Oh well... I grabbed a small part from the beginning slowed it down and chopped it up. Enjoy...


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