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Well hello Fade and illmuzik family!?

Im new in here and OGbama reccommended to join wit ya (i think she liked my album)

So, im sharing the album with ya

So this is my first album and i think i made good work with it - but i let the others to decide!

Link to album (Soundcloud)

Link to album (Youtube)
My Soul Tape (2016)

Link to album (MySpace)

Link to album (Hipstrumentals)
My Soul Tape (Instrumental album) (2016) -

So little bit about myself to get a image to album.

The album itselves starts with the power and more energy and then ends up emotional and slowly.
I worked with it 3 years, made many decisions and lost good projects, changed the weakest beats and trashed the crap beats.
After some hard work i had equipment i needed - so it helped a lot, but the equipment will not make all the work for you, right?

It's hard to give a listener the emotion, if you don't rap shit, at least if you are rookie - but i hope to get better

So what's next?
The next instrumental album will take time - but the idea is to get connections who plays instruments and make something together.
I think this is a lot better idea than just buy some CDs on record shop and sampling something together. But if something comes in my mind to add something from CD then
i definitely do it - but still im scared little bit about copyrights.

First track completed of an new album which my good friend played guitar for me and then i made up something

About my style maybe

5 producers i like - DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Black Milk, Tae Beast, Apollo Brown
5 artists i like - A$AP Rocky, SZA, Schoolboy Q, Vince Staples, Guru (R.I.P.)
5 artists i would like to work: SZA, Isaiah Rashad, 50 Cent, Denzel Curry, A$AP Ant
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Welcome to the ILL! Those are some nice beats. When did you start making beats?


Welcome to the ILL! Those are some nice beats. When did you start making beats?
Thank you for a postive words.

I started actually with Fruity Loops 8 so in 2008-2009, but i started with Hardstyle genre..
This music is the hardest genre what to produce... like if you want that track sound good for live performance for an example, then it takes about an month..
So i got tired of this music, this genre really changed fast but i got that really good level when my tracks started sound like a pro.
Then i lost interest and motivation because of one thing. I cant make melody on my own... i can listen and understand what key is playing or smth but i can't make my own melody i always asked my friend to make something similar (midi only). Buildups and kicks and synths was made my own.
So i got tired and i stopped.
After some months i was requested to go to the army (11 months) (In Estonia you need to go in army (Its mandatory?is it a right word?)

Then one friend asked that "why you dont make music you love?" (A hip hop).
I don't remember what a answer was and i don't even know why i was'nt thinking about that.

So i was searching how people are making oldschool/newschool beats and i started to learn and i tell you, i dont regret anything.

I love it and i started sampling.

So this is the first hip hop beat i've done (3 years ago)

After some time i felt that i can make my own style and i wanted to make an album, so i made it. I took time but its done and now im working for a new album(s). In that time i got new equipment also.
My kit is in this page:

So with a new equipment i remastered and made tottally new mixdown.

This was really hard but i love the story i was made up with a album and if im listening this album - i alway feel that emotion i wanted to give listeners.

Also i had some request for beats but nothing released yet :)

Sorry for my bad english but i try my best :(

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