Figuring Out Amp-Interface-PC Combo Setup

Drago Zetić

Making samples and FL Studio sing.
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I've been making beats with just a PC, MIDI keyboard, headphones and audio interface (a later purchase) for about two years in a small living room, since I didn't have my own room. Recently, this has changed, so I'll move all the equipment into my room, a more comfortable and less restrictive space that will help me put way more work in. Right now, I'm in the process of clearing that room from excess stuff (the biggest thing to get rid of is the extra bed that's not used anymore).

With this also comes a change in equipment - I'll finally be able to use some old gear that's been sitting in storage for a couple of years, specifically speakers with a discrete amp, a Musicassette deck and a turntable later on (I'm trying to find it).

How can I integrate those parts to my setup so that audio from the PC is sent to the speakers and the audio from the deck or turntable can be recorded onto the PC?

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