FL Studio export low quality


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Sup y'all, i was listening to my beats exported from FLS and after my beat, i opened a schoolboy Q song, with the same player and same volume but it sounded Really louder, like 2-3 times louder. Is that a fls issue ?

Drago Zetić

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It's most likely due to dynamic range compression and the use of limiters that make music appear louder by reducing the the difference between the loudest and quietest points above a certain threshold. The music you listen to has been mastered and thus made loud, while yours most likely haven't.

Don't sweat it, though, just put a limiter on the master channel, but don't overdo it. In the end, mastering probably shouldn't be your concern, especially if you're selling beats for people to make songs to, as they'll hire a sound engineer for that.
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