fl studio vst progam problems


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I'm having trouble getting some vst synth gennerators to work in fl studio
I put the programs in my vst file and opened fl and refreshed my plugin list
the ones i downloaded showed up but when I TRIED TO insert the channel it says fl cant open them!
can anyone help me I need a soundfount player I can use in fl 4.1 and I want some new synthisizers


*** ill o.g. ***
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you might have to uninstall and instal them again. if the program your installing lets you choose a vst folder then you choose your vst folder. if the program your installing does not let you choose a vst folder then install the program directly to your vst folder. just moving the program wont alway work because the program might need additional files to operate in fl.


*** ill o.g. ***
since alot of VSTs are third party programs they may not work in FL studio...dont worry every one has the same problem... just try a different version of the VST that does the same thing or if you really want it to work use FL as a vst and sequence in cubase or sonar or....(many others)

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