Franco Micalizzi - "Chi Sei?"



Love these challenges - really helps to hone in on workflow and time management.. Practice and fun all in one!

Because I'm not releasing it anywhere but here I'm going to try and get it done as fast as possible - whereas if I'm doing something that I will release - the whole start to finish thing can often become a chore.

Doing these as fast as possible, while enjoying the creative process and not worrying about too much mixing and mastering - this will surely speed up my workflow when it does come time to do a project.

Did this in two hours, three VST instruments (piano, organ, some brass thing), one break from outside the sample and a drum kit - bass line was sourced from the sample itself..




Nice beat @Klypse - Love how you use the stereo field to your advantage.

Heavy @Edgar - Man, feels like I'm tripping in the jungle surrounded by beautiful amazon women floating above, uff, I like it..

Minimal @Feel - A nice something to smoke a joint to while drinking first coffee - maybe some more variation or maybe that's how it was meant to be, not too busy.

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