Free Custom kit - Enjoy!


~Mo Thugs~
What's good y'all? So for those interested, I figured I'd share some of my custom sounds. This little kit contains some custom drums drums that I created for a clients project, along with some that I made for the Killarmy project I'm working on, and some from tracks I'm working on for Krayzie Bone, as well as a few for tracks on my next album. I think they're pretty dope...

These sounds are more geared towards some grimy hip hop, with a lot of character. A blend of vinyl samples, real instrument samples, and classic vintage drum machine and samples layered, blended and tweaked. There was a lot of 12 bit sampling going on via SP1200, Akai S950, and MPC 60, and some MPC 3000 and ASR-10 sampling too. The live drum samples were tracked through some really good mics (akg 414, akg D112, Royer R112 ribbon, Shure SM57, Sennheiser e604 & e614), and an api 512c preamp for punch and clarity, with some very light analog eq (dbx 242 para) and compression (dbx 160a) that gives them nice character and color. The kit was organized, layered, tuned, and lightly filtered and compressed on the MPC1000 for kit coherency. These drums have that classic vintage analog hip hop sound, great to breathe some life into your Boom Bap, or if you want to add a little character to your DAW based productions.

I'll also be posting some really good bass samples, including an upright acoustic bass that's been run through an electric bass guitar amp for that warm thick low end to really make your subwoofers work.

I hope this helps y'all's creativity while you're quarantined banging out some hot beats. Enjoy!

The kit is 16 bit/44.1kHz for compatibility with most hardware samplers and all DAW's.