Free For Profit Beats


What are you views on free for profit beats? I think it's awesome and shouldn't be seen as problematic and I'm not against producers wanting to get paid for their craft as equipment costs but I feel that free for profit beats aren't detrimental in any way.

Dahmi Mortals

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The word "free" shouldn't exist for work. But its a broad question you're asking, do you mean exclusive to someone then hope they put effort in or your beat is wasted or do you mean like a loan to someone and to others and whoever makes money with it then its theirs? I personally think if you say its free then rid the track from your beat library and forget about it for it to truly be free and maybe it come back to you tenfold or hunts you but a decision of setting it free should be clear or its not truly free it has a clause attach..."problematic". I see it as "volunteering for the needy" like a church group or charity, you dont go back to those you helped and say to them you owe me, now that they're on there feet and making money or "no longer needy". What do you think about that perspective?