Ghostface Killah - Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry


Pressure Makes Diamonds
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if there's someone who can pull off a record like this, it has to be ghost


Pressure Makes Diamonds
Battle Points: 7
nah no singing on his part lol, the whole "r&b" tag is wrong

it's ghost rapping about stories revolving around women - hilarious, real dirty, and goofy with plenty of the regular ghost craziness. i can't say if it touches fishscale, ironman, or pretty toney yet, but it's still pretty crazy. REALLY great album, if you liked pretty toney, you'd definitely love this.

the ron browz song might be doo doo to some but it's been a guilty pleasure of mine. ouch.


ess vinyl

yea manguino is right, it mostly talks bout stuff bout women and it is really really dope. however i dont think it comes close to his other material. it does a nice job of meshing some mainstream ish on a few tracks. its DEF worth the listen if your a wu or ghostface fan

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