Gonna be a rough few days


When chemists die, we barium.
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Holy buckets it’s gonna be cold



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LOL. I never understood Fahrenheit. It just throws me off. When I was in Texas I just remember that 80s was warm, 90s was hot, and 100s was fuck off and die. The hottest I ever experienced was near 120 when I visited Palm Springs. That's insane.

I saw the map today and it's all this arctic air coming down all to the US. It's even colder out west right now.


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@thedreampolice ofcourse as far as a place to live and quality of life my country is amazing....as far as stuff to do etc is a little dead....for example if a big band or something tours here its always in the oslo area another problem is norwegian audiences which are very reserved... remember being like the only people jumping and screaming at a foo fighters concert a few years ago... poor old dave looked depressed hahah. So yeah a very nice place to live aside from the cold and rain just a little dull...beautifull nature tho :p

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