Greatest Producers Ever?


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haha....finally rj gets some credit

Dj shadow. in 1996 he was WAAAAAAAAY ahead of all the toys.


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Another List!

Alchemist - he's mad funny too...
DJ Premier...
Just Blaze...


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quincy jones is one of da g8est, but i gues michael jackson did boost his career.
phil collins, dis man can play almost ne instrument n he wrote most of da instrumentals on his trcks

in da hiphop, premiere got it, timbo, DJ-Uneek(my fav producer) n kayne west robbed ma african drumz,lol(jkin) n not 4gettin da main man DR.DRE
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quincy jones is most definitely one of the best arrangers within the contemporary music scene. the man started as a big band leader in the fifties (rare vinyls on the legendary Mercury label). afterwards, he moved to the softer side - that is jazz + funk and even disco.
he has had a heck of a career, no doubt!


Depends on how you define producer...

The defenition?

Well a producer is in my defenition someone who is involved with every aspect of making the song.
I`m talking concept,ideas,vocal coaching,arranging etc, etc.
To me the greatest producer would be someone like Quincy Jones, David Axelrod, Lalo Schifrin or Bob James.
Someone who would be equally adapt with a 50 piece orchestra, as with a 3 musician/instrument ensemble.

A beat maker is something different. Someone like Marley Marl, 45 King or Prince Paul. Those were the early beat/sample manipulators that were pioneers in early electronic music(Read: Hip Hop).

The next level of beatmakers would be Premier who set the standard for chopped up loops, Pete Rock who mastered the art of layering samples or or Large Pro who has always been underrated.

And then there are the new Cats like Kanye West, Just Blaze, Nottz, Ayatollah and the list goes on and on...

But overall it all comes down to who`s sound/style you like the most.
And the person who has made my head nod the most times apart from Primo -has to be Alchemist.

But that`s just my opinion.


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quincy is DEFINETELY the man, hes so ill.

in hiphop, goat = dj premier

hes done so many ill tracks ive lost count...done some of hiphops classics

can never fault this guy

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Timbo and one person yall sleep one, I wouldn't say the greatest but is up there is Swizz Beats, yall heard this new beat he made for DMX and he used a sample from Drumline when they was playing the drums, man that beat is cold as ever.

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No particular order

Timbo (Nobody sounds like Timbo and then he uses all sampled sounds nice)
Swizz (jus sick plain and simple, didnt he produce the Foxy Brown song called BK anthem?)
neptunes (I like the sounds they use even though I heard they be jackin alot of smaller people)
Daz (liked alot of the things he used to do back in the Deathrow era)
Primo (need I explain?)
Alchemist (I like the dark feeling to alot of his tracks)

I know Im forgettin somebody

Tim D

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Originally posted by Truth Told
someone actually put down swizz... twice laughin hard man, real hard...
I was waitin for someone to put that lol


yea he uses a moog innit, that beat with prodicgy, shit whats it called again? thats straight synth, that shits grimey!


Everything Else:
Beethoven,Phil Collins,Mozart,Quincy Jones,Barry White,Curtis Mayfield


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Marley Marl
Pete Rock

Why did I pick these???

Anyone else ya'll mention to me are just followers, including The Alchemist & Kanye I'm sorry but they ain't been in the game long enuff for that greatest ever heard of a NFL player reaching the hall of fame a few years after the rookie year..hahaha..., they are definitely hot but not really anything original with techniques they are only amplifying known techniques borrowed from producers above in the list I picked, when i think the greatest I think of cats that actually did something completely different and it became a standard for others to attempt to follow....Kanye is on the verge of possibly being worthy of that list.....the Alchemist is hot as a producer but there is some degree of overrating involved with his production compared to the long list of hip hop producers that have came, left their mark, but there tons of hot underground producers that will never see the light of day to get accolades or are currently producing what he does outside of very good engineering on finished tracks......I know everyone has their hot list and feelings but thatz my own opinion of what I hear and the hip hop thatz been out there......go dig up some old underground RZA shidd that never made it to the mass public...there are some of the sickest beats you could find.....also , 4th disciple probably is a better producer than the Alchemist when it comes to flipping samples and the hard gritty shidd....

I 4got to add one of the most in the background, producers that has been out there probably longer than any of them except Marley Marl and KRS......The 45king....I dunno how I 4got that one...

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