Hip hop shouldn't go back to what it was


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Ok guys , this have been a discussion for a long time , and for many of us its not even a discussion ...
Most people think hip hop should go back to what it was , and they say why nobody is releasin any dope again like scott storch did with 50 , fabolous , game and ...
and some say they want the real rap back , when hard drums used to hit on a looping sample and bars used to be spet ( im not sure if this is a word ) hard as ice cube ... but the problem is nobody is looking at this in the right way , and this is probably the most important article of this website because its about the most important thing you should do and you dont .
The best article i found about this issue found out theres a problem and all that was wrote was completely right , but as the Main source of all problems wans found there , and as i believe most people think like he writer of this article .

In 1970 rap was Way simpler and beats were really less intellegent than now , if you listen to them there was just the rap that mattered , the beats were count nothing ...
Until ( as i believe ) nwa and dre ... as you see ice cube was the main rapper , and dre made beats that were new , they mattered , the instrumentals were dope ... and ice cube was a great rapper too , so hits came out ... after dre , music developed , beats got important .

After a while , he developed beats Even more , you recall california love ? One of the dopest songs of all time ... this was a big level to pass , and dre did .

But still The beats were hard as hell , and raping was like 101 ... you know why is Still Dre the most popular rap song of all time ? ( as i believe ) have you ever wondered why Dre's biggest hits beat wasnt made by himself ? Because still dre was the biggest movement in rap music history ...

Scott storch who started using strings and making smooth beats , also using piano riffs and arab type drums ... and That was new ... he changed the whole raps way , he developed the hip hop to the next level ... this is what each music generation needs , and he made rapping easy ... even Fat Fuck Joe could make a hit outta Candy Shop beat couldnt he

Thats why dre is Still a Legend , and ice cube isnt Because dre developed music 3 times and ice cube was just talented , Dre made the beat matter , he made instrumentals So dope , and when he found out his age is over , he brang new talents to keep him Legendary .
But each level of music had a time period , and they should be replaced ... so after years this level of music completed too ...

2008 : when kanye west dropped 808s & Heartbreak . He made the future ... in pasts he was always chopping classic soul songs , or sampling old tracks , but in 808 album , you cant recgonize ye ... everything new ... 808 basses , drums , the auto-tune that even pop singers used after him , the tribal drums , the Piano , the music that everybody thought will be released 60 years later , all electric sounds in 2 tracks , it was simply great , and just after that everybody started to use 808s and auto-tune ... but because of the huge amount of producers the level completed soon ...

Until trap came in ... alot of hats and migos type rapping and beats using mostly 808s , just like 2008 and i really just found the difference between 808s & heartbreak album and new traps , all autotuned , all 808s , but trappers are mostly talentless.

Now its 2018 , as we all experienced , Every level of music should have been replaced by another level , made by the new generation ... but what are we doing ? Still using 808s and trap ... and we did it about a billion times and this is why beatmaking got way too easier ... everybody doing the same thing , this is damaging music , why ? Because after you make 1 type of beat over and over again , then youll start to go to a new level , but a wrong one , like from level 4 to level 2 , just like the people who say hip hop should move backwards to the dre songs , or to a weird one like these new whole generation of trappers with 90 thousand effects and autotune and no talent , no emotion and no creativity who go from level 4 to level F ! The music ended level 4 , it needs someone to make level 5 happen .
these days are all gonna be in the history , and its a shame for us , because We were this generation of rap , and we simply did Nothing about this , of course going back isnt the way ... the music should meet the new thing , it should go to the next gear and if it doesnt , the car will stop after a while ... you are the 2018 music generation , its your duty to be creative and its your Golden chance , and if you dont , another kanye west will shine , and you will just say : what was i doing that time ?

What is My Solution ?

No good music will be wroten without listening to past good music , no good movie will be made without watching other good movies , and Most Importantly : No creative move will happen Without reading about Creative people in he past , music will never develope without knowing how it developed in the past . Go read about every single legend in the whole entire music , Bethoven Beatles Michael Jackson ... They all had 3 things in common : they all Listened the good music of the others , they all putted Emotions in their art and they all Looked to a simple thing in another way ... each developed music in Their own time , and thats the difference between Scott Storch and little pump piece of shit.

Make New music , we all know you can make Real Dope traps , in just 1 year , EVERYBODY can make the music you make now , but nobody does it next year cuz next year is the year of Next Kanye West , Next Dre , and thats the time Everybody will Have to follow him , and then youll regret everythig you've not done ,
So stop producing same beats NOW , listen to the songs that Developed music , Remove Gucci gang from playlist and add Still Dre , Amazing , Straight Outta Compton and all these Creative songs . Make Them inspire you , the music moved to level F since trap , trap Developed music , but it is so easy to make and people all made it till they all moved to level F , You must add the First good trap songs to your playlist and thats it . Make newer music and be creative .


@ArvinArmani the time you took to write this should've been spent making beats to the best of your ability. The main thing that affects this era is accessibility which does not equal artistry. Artistry takes time and can't be rushed.


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Accesibility is a problem , but we gotta solve it now right ?
Simply talking , imagine a factory , it was making good stuff , it was trying new things and they all were good untill they started to repeat and repeat making one product so people didnt buy anymore , and they started making new things that were garbage . Surely when the factory keeps making garbage with same recipe and no creativity after a while Everybody can make those products at home .
What they ( factory ) gotta do is to take their time , find exactly Where they started making garbage , try to find what exactly seperates the garbage from good products , research about what was the good stuffs specialities and combine those to newer ideas , as you see its not about deleting the garbage made when you know What exactly seperates garbage from a good product cuz you dont make garbage if you exactly know what is garbage , if i tell you youll make garbages if you put metal in work , youll simply stop puttin metal in it... so this will make new products if you ( as someone who gives ideas in factory ) make yourself comfortable with your life , be hardworking and spend enough money on your job . Right ?

The main reason of postin this was most of the people dont really know What is the Exact problem , and people who dont know about what is the Main thing they are meant to do are just trying to be another tyga or making old-school music and thats completely wrong , what i mean is the older music was going in the right way , and it continued to find new ways but people stuck in the new way and started going to a new , wrong way ... people should listen to the older music and forget all the new stuff that already came out , they should focus on making the new way , with getting inspired by the older music , and the new way gotta be a right way and if you wanna make a new way in whole hip hop , that takes time . The important thing is Beatmakers MUST know this .


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I think the point @OGBama was trying to make was, why be worried about something that you cant actually change by writing or coming up with this post.
Sure it was well intended and I give you mad props on that but you actually have to be an example through action.
Talking is easy doing it is the hard part.

Still, I applaud you for taking the time and effort to actually come up with this!


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Thanks alot , i know talkin is way easier , but as i said before , Many Producers dont know about this , you know ? Maybe alot of people know about the problem but they dont know How to solve it , so they start going wrong ways like making old-school music .
I did this for Other people , of course i try new stuff all the time but if others can do this in the right way too , music could develope faster . Many beatmakers are waisting their time now in wrong ways .
Thanks again .


Yes @Bugsy you get it and I'm a firm believer in the Serenity Prayer. @ArvinArmani when you understand that every aspect of society is a business and businesses have markets music is no different. I'm against type beat producers but it's symptomatic of the easy access to making music spawned by technology which is equally good and bad.

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