Hooray I'm Finally Being Streamed (That Sounds Dirty Ha Ha)


Paying My Dues With I O U's
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Been Grinding Or Whatever You Wanna Call It For A Few Months Now I Have Smoked Endless Cigarettes Drunk Litres Of Rum & Indulged In The Things That Originally Got Me The Tag C4NTK33P5T1LL( Back On Wagon Again BTW )But I Finally Made It On To Spotify ,Deezer ,Tidal ,Napster & The Rest ( Well Happy ) Not Even For The Small Financial Gain I Think It's A Question Of Milestones That ,For Me Has Pushed Me To Really Think About What ,Who For ,Why & Where Before Starting A Track I Put A Lot Of Time Into My YT Channel Researching Tags Descriptions Titles, It Seems To Be Working Up to Now I Really Needed This Little Boost As I Found Myself At That Point We All Get To Thinking " What's The Point " I Heard A While Back This Wee Pearl Of Wisdom
" Life's Like A Wheel Rise Up On My Spokes If You Will But Don't Complain When Your Cast Back Down To The Depths The Good Times As Well As The Bad Are Always Passing Away "
I Guess That's My Point It Sounded Better In My Head I Promise
Peace ! ! !
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Congrats @C4NTK33P5T1LL and also instead of SoundCloud look into Audiomack.


His name was Robert Paulson. His name was Robert P
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Cheers @OGBama I Hear Ya My Audiomack Account Is Seriously Neglected
Good to Hear Off Ya @ArvinArmani How Have Ya Been Pal
Not bad, Not good ... i had a really rough time and theres some pressure on me, since last month, i cant make good beats, became the one kid that everybody hates in school, i lost my self-esteem , lost my reputation, lost my talents and litterally Everything that i gained through the last months, But i got a Lovely But ...
Here comes the But : im trying to make th new day, or as that guy in la la land said, "Im a phoenix rising from the ashes" , actually that guy died sad and lonely at the end of the film but hopefully thats not gonna happen in my case!

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