How do I make a sample sound fluid?


i tried chopping a sample today, and when I loop, there is always a pop when the first loop stops and another ends (less a pop, but a a second or milisecond of silence). I dig on the internet for samples on YouTube, and record them from my iPhone to my iPad, then use my iPad to chop and edit. Is there any way to erase this pop, and make it sound fluid and rhythmic? (Also, a lot of sample editing software is very similar; so don’t ask what app I use, or say I don’t know because I use a computer or whatever.)


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Well if it's choppy there's a few things.

You can obviously make longer chops or, here's two tricks I often use:

  1. Put a slight delay effect on some of those chops. This will fill in those gaps.
  2. Get a very short sound that you can play all the way through in the background very low, and that will help fill in the gaps. So like something very short that goes do-do-do-do etc....
The whole idea of my tricks is not to have a longer sample, but to find ways to fill in the gaps.

Pitching the samples down or speeding up your tempo helps too.

I did a video about sampling, this might help:


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Samples are like play-doh, you can scwush em, roll em into snakes, or mix two together to make another color. They don't even have to be on time with the rest of the beat to sound amazing sometimes. I think the laziest fix would be to up the bpm a few notches on the beat until the sample fills the gap but that's like wearing sweatpants to your sisters wedding lazy. I agree with Fade with smearing the sound over the gap as another option. Delay is an easy way but depending how the sample is and how big the gap is, you could even try stuff like cutting the exact length the gap is off of the end of the sample, pasting it into the gap but then reversing the audio so it makes a boomerang whip kinda sound and then team that up with a delay. Tons of room for experimenting, just remember play-doh. Not rigid mathematical geometric shapes.


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I dig on the internet for samples on YouTube, and record them from my iPhone to my iPad
What do you mean by this? How do you record it from your iPhone to your iPad?

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