How do I make my synth sound "lighter"?


So I'm trying to remake this beat.
The problem I am running into is that my piano synths always sound a lot bassier no matter which ones I use. So far, the closest loop I've been able to get to the original sounds like this, using the basic Ableton plugin Grand Piano, an EQ to clean up some of the resonating frequencies and reverb. It still sounds far from the original, though, particularly the lower notes are noticeably heavier. What can I do to make it more similar to the original?
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Imho you've done quite well already.

I'd say the difference is probably in the piano source sound - pianos can sound very different. Not entirely sure it's a piano or normal piano sound.

The thing that's making it different is the resonance of the attack on your piano. - either using a transient shaper or compressor if your piano doesnt have the option to adjust its timbre.

It also sounds a bit detuned degraded... maybe use one of those detuney vinyl type plugs.

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