How do I mix vocals to sound like this #1


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Mix like
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Thanks. also I think I'll have 500 more posts similar to this :D
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with the second track it could be a vocoder
Yeah that makes sense, something just makes it seem really weird though. I think maybe they tried a chorus on it? I probably need a few raw vocal tracks to try all these stuff on...

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ngl ... sounds like poor recording.
Also what i mean by this is that you can either look to achieve it that way. Or look to degrade your vocal.

So rather than maybe trying to change the vocal to sound a certain way, instead maybe start by recording it that way.

So like @2GooD Productions said... if it sounds like it's recorded a bit far away, then mic your vocals this way as opposed to trying to "make it sound" that way afterthe fact. Can be done, but better to go for the sound you want from the start.

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