How do you decide what kind of rhythm/time signature to use?

What would make you want to use 4/4 time compared to 3/4 time? Or 6/8 time over 3/4 time? I'm starting to get a grip on understanding different rhythms and how to read them etc. but I want to understand why I should choose a certain time signature/rhythm when creating a song.

How do you approach building the rhythm when creating music?

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I struggle when it comes to things that aren't 4/4. 3/4 i can get too.

Saying that, i learned the compas for the Bulerias style of Flamenco.

Typically you'll probably wanna use 4/4.

The only producer im aware thinks about other time sigs is Timbaland, but i think he may implememt them in a different way and somehow work them into 4/4 not sure.

But how i decide anything in regards to my music... i go be feeling. So I'll feel a melody or rhythm or tempo etc and then play/record it and try figure it out from there.

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How can you be a producer and not like Kanye? “My beautiful dark twisted fantasy “ is pure art!
Im not a fan of him as a rapper, but hes done some good production. Hes not scared of what people think of him and just does himself regardless. Thats a good thing. I went off him for a while because hes an arsehole, but his insanity amuses me, he grew on me again.

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