How often do you make beats?



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I haven't had time to sit down and finish a beat (all the way through mixing) for a while now cuz of work, but I always try to at least get some ideas down every day. I need something to relieve my creative juices that are being capped while at work so I've got a bunch of "skeletons" within my projects folder laying around that I need to go to and add some meat to.


It really goes with my inspiration. I have to be in a certain mood to make great beats, so sometimes it will be 2-3 draft beats in a week and other times none
If I have the time to do something musically each day I will, just to keep fresh and learning - my only real hobby/material passion at the moment..

I feel kind of bad if I leave drafts though, usually try and finish each beat I make if I do start, just to practice making the whole process a fluid thing hopefully down the track, but yeah doesn't always happen..


i make beats almost daily, for example yesterday i finished a beat and came up with anothe loop idea for another one!


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An actual track? Maybe once a week.

But I do something music related almost everyday. Practice piano, play/record drum breaks, mix, write...


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Once upon a time, I would work on one or two beats for a whole month until I recorded it and moved on to the next track. Then I began with 7 beats a month.

Nowadays I make an album every two years. I try to pump out 2 albums a year with 10 to 12 tracks each but this is what I'm blessed with. I really don't force it. Helps when you already know your material beforehand. Like listening to records I dug up while on my way to work and back home.


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i'm an addicted to making music, so i make 4-5 beats daily...most of the beats i make are for buyers. out of the 5 beats that i make only 1(if that) are for my personal stash..
It depends. Generally I make something connected with music on a daily basis (practicing guitar playing, singing, songwriting etc.) but when it comes to make beats I just have a goal to make from 8 to 10 beats per month. I try to stick to this plan but there are months when I make 8 beats, and there are months when I make 16 or 18 beats. So as I mentioned above it depends.


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Im lucky to get one per week done with work, wife and kids taking most of my time. I try to do something atleast an hour a day though like listen for a new sample, Download kits, etc.


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For the last 1.5 year im making beats/laying down drums/downloading full albums, every single day. I even quit my shity ass job for the past 3 months in order to get the most out of my time to put in to my beats. My bank account running low tho at the moment so, sadly, Ima need to flip this upside down in a while... I can say it turned out a nice plan tho, even if it doesnt sound like one at all. In the end of 2 years I think I can actualy have a realy good balance between my hoby and my 9-5 job. Plus I think in this time space Ive actualy learned the same amount of information as i had learned all 4 years before that.


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I travel for work so sometimes i'll go a full month with out making anything. but when i get back im home for 2 or 3 weeks solid and this affords me time to be locked in. usually im working on 4 or 5 ideas on any given day.
I cant just sit there working on one beat for hours and hours. I have this 3 hour rule where if my total composition and arrangement phase of production goes over 3 hours i put the session file and zipped wav's on my Network storage because if it takes longer than 3 hours to get the basic idea done its probably bad anyway.
I always here people say theyve got to "power through" "stay in the chair" like they are doing cross fit or Computer Programing.
Making music is magic. making someone feel something with out saying a word to them


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I would assume its all up to the inspiration and mood or situation. I went 6 months without making anything, as I put a project out and focused on promoting and street running that. But now that I'm back full stream to hitting the grind, I'm dishing out 3-4 a day.
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