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Awesome. I would like to add general info. When you create, its automatic copyright, holds up fine in small claims. Huge benefit through .gov is court fees, you can claim your fees in big cases like attorney, court cost etc and of course also ease of mind. Most definitely worth it. You can also copyright during a claim but fees will be on you. I would like to also point out the use of digital fingerprint and watermark. Some one could have your beat in a placement or have broadcast your music, this is the way to track with proof to pursue a claim. IRSC codes or for tracking downloads and sales but someone can erase this easily and once they edit or record over it, they will have a new code. This article showed me something new. I copyright through SR (sound recording) and I find @Greg Savage method to be better. Very helpful, hope you have more readers to this article, educating our selfs is key to empower our business.

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