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I have an idea for ILL Muzikianz ...


ILL Muzik should release a 12 - 19 track Album , everybody will send a beat , and the ILLiens who are interested in Collab beats will make a beat with a ILL buddy , For Example , i make a beat and send it to ILL Muzik for Album ... , then Beside that beat , i send a massege to OGBama ( example ) and ask if he/she wanna collab with me in a beat , and if he/she did we will make a beat togheter for album ... maximum Solo beatz send by one person is 1 , and maximum collab beatz by 1 person is 3 .
Which beatz are gonna be in album and how will the beatz get a number ? I have 4 ideas for that ...

1 : ILL Muzikianz will Send beatz and The ILL OG Fade will say which beat will be in album and he will Rank the Beatz , and the best beat will be 1 2 3 , good beatz will be 4 5 6 and normal beatz will be 7 8 9 10 , then the others ...

2 : ILL Muzikianz will send beatz to ILL Muzik , after a while the uploading will be closed , and they will be renamed to Beat#001 , Beat#002 and ... every ILL member will have 3 votes ( they cant vote for themselves ) , votes will Not be shown for 1 week , and after a week the best beat will be the first beat in album , the second beat will be second and ... 3 worst beatz in album will be removed .

3 : the same with 2 , but the voting will be in 2 sections : Best Collab Beat ( Collabbeat#001 , Collabbeat#002 , ... ) and best Solo beat ( Beat#001 beat#003 ) , and everybody will have 4 votes , 2 for best Solo and 2 for best collab .

4 : Same as 3 ... but the #1 beat will be a beat made by Special ILL members ... the signup will be open for 1 hour , and if a illien signs up for #1 beat , he cant collab in other beatz , then people who signed up will make a beat , then send the final version to The ILL OG Fade , and he will finalize it by using what people sent and that beat will be #1 beat.

The album Must have a theme , what theme ? Its obvious : This is ILL Muzik , we need Hard and dark beatz , No Emotion in it , it should be a bit clean in the whole beat , but dirty in Instrumentz ... if you dont understand me check These Beatz out

Schoolboy Q Gravy

Schoolboy Q Ride out

Mobb Deep Eye For An Eye

Schoolboy Q Fuck LA

Schoolboy Q Gangsta

Kanye West I Am a God

Too much Schoolboy Q ha ?


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so, let's say the idea and the energy came thru like a shot, right? bounced offa me and when it settled it looked like this...
suppose we all contributed to a common pool, like here at ILL and promoted that collection in a monetized format. The lil couple dollars generated could help support and grow the site and of course you don't have to submit works if you don't want to. If you do I don't think anyone should expect to get paid, unless the site really blows up (at which time the attention should bring enough opportunities that splitting a lil streaming loot would be petty). Of course we can still print releases but the added exposure will help product sell and tell us what product to sell. Ideas? opinions?


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This is a good idea but not right now. We're going to start with some themed albums first and then go into collaborations. We did a collaboration years ago and it was really dope. It was just a problem to get all the members to work together lol. Not everyone is available to work right away, so that's a problem.

We'll see how the compilations go first and branch off.

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